AP Physics I and AP Physics 2

AP Physics C
Speed, Velocity, Graphing Motion


(Vertical Acceleration)

Newton's Laws
Air Resistance and Terminal Velocity video


Static Equilibrium

Resolving Forces

Work, Power & Efficiency


Center of Mass

COM and Linear Momentum

Linear Momentum

Rocket Propulsion

Rotary Motion

Rigid Bodies & Rotation

Rolling, Torque, & Angular Momentum

angular momentum

Rotational Dynamics

Rotational Work & Kinetic Energy

Torque & Rotational Inertia

Torque, Equilibrium, & Stability

Tangential & Centripetal Acceleration

Centripetal Acceleration & Centripetal Force

Universal Gravitation

Special Relativity

General Relativity


Heat Exchange

Latent Heat

Gases, Heat, & Work

Heat Engines/Heat Pumps

Electric Charge/Electric Fields


DC Circuits (Series/Parallel)



Static Fluids

Fluid Dynamics


Activities and Half-Lives

Nuclear Binding Energy

Nuclear Stability and Radioactivity

Nuclear Reactions
Generators and Motors
Nuclear Fission

Nuclear Atom and Atomic Spectra

Energy Levels in the Atom

Thin Film Interference

Photons, Electrons, & Atoms (Photoelectric Effect, DeBroglie Wavelength, Photon Momentum, and Compton Scattering)

Two Moving Objects a Distance Apart (Acceleration)

Mechanical Waves
Superposition and Standing Waves (Strings)
Sound: Speed, Standing Waves and Resonance

Periodic Motion

Simple Harmonic Motion

Applications of Simple Harmonic Motion

Energy in Simple Harmonic Motion
by D. Gende (AP Physics Goddess)