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C & S Hall Construction, LLC

Stuart Hall (aka Stuart Wade Hall, Stuart Goodson - El Paso County records)

El Paso, TX

Stuart Hall or Stuart Wade Hall, Owner
Carmina Hall or Carmina Chacon Hall, Manager
Jerry Hall, Cabinetry or Woodwork

6621 Mesa Grande
El Paso, TX 79912
Phone: 915-241-8117
email: redswh169@yahoo.com

C & S Hall Construction, owned and operated by Stuart Hall, was hired to remodel my family's home in early 2015. Our experience with C &S Hall Construction and Stuart Hall has been an absolute disaster. I have chosen to chronicle the horrible experience and living conditions my family has lived in for over one year in the hopes of educating those individuals who conduct a search for information about C & S Hall Construction in an effort to make an informed decision. If information describing the workmanship Stuart Hall and his employees practice had been available online for our family to review, we would not have hired Stuart Hall and C & S Hall Construction.

My wife and I found Stuart Hall to be dismissive to the concerns we verbally expressed to him about the quality of the cabinetry and the flooring that was being introduced to our home. I had to take several days off of work to address these issues with Stuart Hall and none of these issues were resolved to our satisfaction. As a homeowner, remodeling can be a very expensive endeavor and you want to work with a contractor who responds respectfully to the concerns the homeowner discusses with the contractor. Stuart Hall did not respect the concerns my wife and I discussed with him. Bad workmanship continued after each of our conversations with Stuart Hall about the bad work. The pictures of the cabinetry and the flooring will demonstrate that Stuart Hall did not provide our family with quality workmanship. I have included a synopsis of the dates and conversations my wife and I had with Stuart Hall regarding the work being performed in our home.

Timeline of Communications with Stuart Hall

Genevieve Curtis and the KFOX news investigative team prepared a report describing our family's situation. You can see part one of the report at
Part two of the report can be viewed at

Stuart Hall is very aware that my family and I are unhappy with the quality of the work and products he provided to my family and at no time did Stuart Hall make an attempt to contact my wife or I to discuss our displeasure. Remember that Steve Miller Band song "Take the Money and Run", that is exactly what I believe Stuart Hall of C & S Construction did. Please consider this information before you sign any checks or work orders with Stuart Hall of C & S Hall Construction.

Youtube cabinet video
Youtube floor video
Youtube crooked wall video

Link to El Paso Better Business Bureau complaint. Stuart Hall failed to respond to the complaint. Scroll down to see the complaint.

Texas Attorney General file number: E483631 101B
El Paso Police Department case number: 15-363203
Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (electrical) case number: ELC20160018079
Texas State Boardt of Plumbing Examiners case number: 2016-01796
Texas Attorney General Complaint number (Jerry Hall): CGS-3993

Educate yourself: 10 things contractors won’t tell you
Several of these apply to our experience with Stuart Hall. You can see for yourself as you look through the evidence of Stuart Hall's work provided below.
Visit www.contractorsfromhell.com to get information on selecting and dealing with a contractor.

Cost to fix the work Mr. Hall and C & S Hall Construction performed : As of June of 2016, the cost to fix our home is $31262.25.

Gila Mesa proposal
A-1 Kitchens by Sierra and Binkley Electrical proposals

Mr. Hall, through his attorney Jason Chapman, has offered to settle for $10,525,one-third of what it will cost to repair the damage Mr. Hall and his employees caused in our home and to complete the work Mr. Hall did not complete. The Texas Deceptive Trade or Business Practice laws did NOT help my family recover damages from a bad contractor and the Office of the Texas Attorney General only offered to monitor the situation for data collection purposes. Letters to Texas congressmen and representatives on the consumer affairs committees describing the lack of consumer protection in the "consumer protection" legislation went unanswered. We could have hired an attorney and filed a lawsuit against Mr. Hall and C & S Hall Construction and incur the legal fees associated with adjudicating the case in court. However, there is NO guarantee that we would receive financial compensation from Mr. Hall and C & S Construction if the courts were to find Mr. Hall guilty. C & S Hall Construction, LLC, is truly a limited liability company where Stuart Hall cannot be held personally liable for his nor his employees incompetence.

Research the contractor online, check the Better Business Bureau, the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, The Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners, local contractor associations. Get referrals from people you know who have used a reliable contractor. I would recommend Gila Mesa Builders and HQ Builders as both contractors were very generous with their time and very helpful in providing my family with help. Mr. Hall could learn plenty about customer relationships and integrity from these contractors.

Permits: Mr. Hall failed to acquire the necessary building permits for work he performed at our home. A crack in the wall near a structural support Mr. Hall installed in our home, as well as a conversation with a family friend who told us that a permit was required for the work Mr. Hall performed, prompted my wife and I to directly ask Mr. Hall about the need to acquire a permit. Mr. Hall told my wife and I that no permits were needed for the work he performed. My wife and I trusted our family friend and did not allow Mr. Hall and his workers back into our home (we had additional problems with Mr. Hall and cabinets and flooring as well). The City of El Paso Planning and Inspections Department inspected our home and found C & S Hall Construction in violation of City ordinances. Mr. Hall did subsequently acquire the required structural permit which allows C & S Construction to continue to work within the city of El Paso as a contractor. The electrical and plumbing permits have still not been obtained by Mr. Hall.

Mr. Hall is not a licensed plumber within the state of Texas (verified by the Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners and the City of El Paso. On 15 June, 2016, Mr. Hall admitted to performing the unlicensed plumbing work in my home and provided the structural permit for the work he performed. The El Paso City inspector confirmed that the permit Mr. Hall provided to the Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners does not address the plumbing violation Mr. Hall admitted to. I have included the correspondence between Mr. Hall, the Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners, and myself. On 26 April, 2017, I received a letter from the Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners indicating that the Board's Enforcement Committee assessed an administrative penalty to Mr. Hall.

On 15 July, 2016, Stuart Hall waived his right to a hearing, admitted to the violation with respect to the electrical permit and agreed to pay an administrative penalty. The TDLR agreed order between Stuart Hall and the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation is included below.

July 2017 Update on electrical work: The cost of repairing the outdoor air conditioning electrical panel to meet El Paso city inspection was $1500. The electrical panel had a 150 amp capacity with a 100 amp wire running from our old electrical meter to the newer air conditioning panel. Two ground wires had to be installed and the electrical plug that was attached to the box had to be fixed as the box in which the plug was installed would not open all the way because it was too close to the air conditioning panel. The estimate to bring the indoor electrical panel into compliance with El Paso city code and complete the indoor electrical work has been quoted at $1500 to $1700.

Photo of Stuart Hall, owner of C & S Hall Construction, violating El Paso City structural code

Photo of Stuart Hall, owner of C & S Hall Construction, violating El Paso City plumbing code

My wife hired TRB Home Inspections to perform an inspection of our home as we were concerned about the structural integrity of our home. All but one of these conditions still exist in our home today. The attached Renovation Project Inspection report includes many additional faults with the work Mr. Hall and C &S Construction performed in our home.

  1. The elevated counter-top is currently supported by a piece of wood wedged between the floor and the top of the counter-top.
  2. The plank tiles should be properly installed, utilizing a proper level to ensure even installation and all joints be properly grouted and sealed.
    All flooring should have the appropriate transitions. Presently, the flooring continues to be a hazard, as all members of my family have stumbled on one of the many elevated tiles.
  3. The ceiling architectural structure be completed. Presently, live electrical wires protrude from the ceiling beams in the den.
  4. The mechanical door in the hallway be properly mounted to ensure proper closing. Presently, the hallway door that opens into the new air conditioning unit does not meet city codes.
  5. The gas control plate be replaced and the gas line tested for proper function.
  6. The cabinetry that is being installed is mounted with slight pitches, causing an uneven appearance. The cabinetry is not measured correctly to allow for the proper positioning over the sink on the counter-top. The size of the cabinetry and the size of the refrigerator exceed the length of the wall.
  7. The cabinetry doors are not properly mounted. There are numerous slides that hit the door hardware, because it is mounted in the wrong positions. Doors protrude from the cabinet drawers. Doors are mounted uneven when compared to the drawers. The lacquer applied to the cabinetry appears to have been applied with uneven coats.
  8. The counter-top is uneven with the cabinets.
  9. No AFCI breakers appear to have been added to the panel box. A licensed electrician should complete the work under a proper permit.
  10. All outlet and switch boxes are uncovered in the work zone. The outlets and switches are active. There are active wires that are exposed and hanging out along the counter-top. There are outlets that are behind the cabinets. The cabinets have cutouts that are not matched up to the outlet box. All outlets along the counter-top should be GFCI protected. There is a romex wire that is hanging from a hole in the ceiling and attached to an outlet in the pantry. There should be an electrical permit.
  11. The drain line under the kitchen sink is dismantled and open. This open pipe could allow waste gases to reenter into the house. The pipe should be capped until a proper trap can be installed. RECOMMEND the pipe be capped until a proper trap can be installed. My wife and I did pay a plumber to correct this problem for us.

My wife and I highly recommend TRB Home Inspections.

Cabinetry: Our family paid Mr. Hall and C &S Hall Construction $8500 for new custom cabinets designed for the kitchen and built by Jerry Hall. The agreed upon color was Rustic Grey. Our family received grey cabinets and provided Mr. Hall an opportunity to correct the mistake (a change order).

"Crooked" describes the cabinets. Drawers and doors are crooked and uneven. Doors and drawers are not aligned. Drawers are not equal distance on both sides of the drawer. The sliding trays do not slide out without hitting the doors and the doors hit the front end of the sliding trays because the trays extend out beyond the bottom of the cabinet. The cabinets are installed crookedly as well.

Within the agreements signed between Mr. Hall and my family, Mr. Hall promises the work will be completed in a "substantial" workmanlike manner. The photographic evidence shows the grey cabinets and the severe cosmetic and structural problems with the cabinets; cabinets that are not of substantial workmanlike quality.

Flooring: Our family paid Mr. Hall and C &S Hall Construction over $7000 for flooring. Our floors are currently a tripping hazard and will require a total replacement. Every member of my family has stumbled on numerous tiles, not just one tile or the same tile. Walking barefoot on this flooring is quite an unpleasant experience. Lippage is the construction term for the problems with the floor C & S Hall laid in our home. To document the lippage problem, I took a credit card and slid it along the floor. At every point at which the credit card was blocked from passing from one tile to another, I marked it in chalk, numbered it, and took a picture. There are lots of pictures. My wife also took pictures of C & S Hall Construction employees laying the tile without the use of a level.

Overcharge for Pantry: Mr. Hall charged us for a pantry installation in one of the first work orders. My wife has photographic evidence of the original size of the pantry, and two days after C & S Hall Construction built the pantry, my wife signed a work order for, and paid for, an enlargement of the pantry.

Crooked wall: C & S Hall Construction removed and replaced a wall between the kitchen and the hallway. The new wall is crooked and we have a crack in the upper hall side of the crooked wall.

Refrigerator: Stuart Hall, Jerry Hall, and C & S Construction managed to take measurements of the cabinets and the counter-tops which do not allow for the refrigerator to fit along the length of the wall. The refrigerator will stick out beyond the length of the wall.

Pony Bar: C & S Hall Construction removed a wall between the kitchen and the den with a pony bar. Right now the granite top of the pony bar is supported by a big stick which we are afraid to remove and have the granite top fall over. The photographs will also show that the counter-top is not level. There are also several places where you can look from the underside of the pony bar from the den side of the house right into the kitchen.

Microwave Tray: The cabinets were supposed to come with a microwave tray. I placed the microwave on the tray to see what would happen. The pictures will speak for themselves.

Do NOT expect any help from the Office of the Texas Attorney General for a consumer protection complaint. I have discovered that there is NO protection in consumer protection within the state of Texas. The Office of the Texas Attorney General will document your particular problem for informational purposes. The Office of the Texas Attorney General will thank you for your time and interest in preventing consumer law violations and will tell you what a great citizen you are for helping Texas enforce the Deceptive Trade Practices Act.

Do Not expect much help from the El Paso Police Department. I filed a complaint against Stuart Hall in December 2015 and I heard nothing from the police department. I went in numerous times to ask if a detective had been assigned to the case and all I got was a phone number to call. The phone number was an answering machine which would allow you to leave a message. I never received a response. I went into the Pebble Hills Command Center in March where I waited for over an hour to talk to a detective who told me the police department had closed the case because it was a civil matter. My wife called the Pebble Hills Command Center and demanded that we be allowed to talk with a detective about our problem with Stuart Hall. We were finally able to talk with a detective in October 2016. We have been told that the police report will be submitted to the El Paso County Attorney's Office where it will be considered for prosecution in a year or two.

James E. has also experienced the manner in which Stuart Hall and C & S Hall Construction employees conduct business. Here is the review James E. left for Stuart Hall at Buildzoom.com.
By James E.,February 22, 2017,Interior resurface and painting; kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel; expterior stucco and paint

Our experience with this contractor was a nightmare. Bids were vague and when asked about work that had been discussed and was expected to be on a bid, we were always told "that would be extra". Not only this but the actual work done was substandard, he ruined our hardwood floors by not knowing the proper way to sand, and everyday we came home, some new problem would be uncovered. The main problems were not doing the work correctly, and when pointed out to Mr. Hall, he would argue about even when he was clearly in the wrong. Many of these arguments showed complete disrespect to myself and my wife who was going through cancer treatments at the time. The Chief Building inspector for the city of El Paso walked our property and found numerous violations of code, permit, and inspection violations including the fact that Mr. Hall represented to us that he could do the plumbing when in actuality he does not hold a valid plumbing license for the state of Texas. We have suffered real damage to our property due to this man, along with him taking items off our property and not returning the items (theft!). The outside stucco work that was sub-contracted by him but for which as the general contractor he was still responsible for was totally unacceptable and will have to be redone. All the hardwood floors (beware of price gouging), we have received a quote from specialty floor refinishers that was roughly half what was charged by C & S Construction. They will essentially be doing the same work as Mr. Hall but now actual repairs to the floor will need to be made. The painter that works with Mr. Hall is no better than who he works for. The painting of interior and exterior woodwork and trim was not acceptable and sloppy. Our brand new stove that I have not gotten to use yet was stepped on by Mr. Hall who should have moved it out of the way and used a ladder. For the most part, for everything these men did inside and outside our house, the work was not acceptable and damage was done to our property. I would not hire these contractors ever again and would definitely NOT recommend them to anyone else.

This is where my family has had to buy water and ice since we hired Stuart Hall and C & S Construction to remodel our kitchen in 2015. The water is cold and only 25 cents a gallon. The ice is crushed.