1. Classes will be conducted in a traditional manner with all Physics students working on the same assignment or similar assignments at the same time (depending upon the availability of lab equipment). Introductory lectures and textbook reading will be used as the principal means of disseminating information to students. Laboratory exercises will be prefaced by an explanation as well.
  2. For those laboratory activities for which equipment is limited, student groups will take turns using the equipment to complete the activity while the remaining students work on problems or another laboratory activity.
  3. All students will submit their own laboratory report or paper. Students may still work in groups to complete the laboratory activity, however, each student will complete and submit the laboratory work. All laboratory activities that require a graph must have a hard copy (computer generated) copy of the graph submitted with the laboratory work. Each graph should be appropriately labeled and the data table should also be included. Analysis of relationships delineated in the graph should be described in full.
  4. All problems will be worked out in full. I will not award any credit for answers that do not have the accompanying work. The numbers written on your paper should give the answer that you have written on your paper. If not, or if I cannot read them, you will not receive credit for the problem. I check when I have reason to believe the work is not authentic.
  5. Late work, if accepted, will be penalized.
  6. Assignments will not be returned for correction. I cannot process the original work and the corrected work. This means you will have to be more cautious and ask more questions prior to submitting your work for evaluation.
  7. Tests will be administered upon the completion of a topic. Expect to take a test once! The test will consist of short-answer questions and problems, to be completed in a single class period. Students will not be allowed to use notes to take a test. The relevant equations will be provided (know how to use them!).
  8. Cheating in any form or manner will not be tolerated, as described in Cheating. Should I doubt the authenticity of the work, I will ask you to explain what you have done. The inability to explain the work or the answers will result in the loss of credit as described in Cheating.
  9. If you are absent, it is your responsibility to obtain the make up work and/or to make arrangements with me to complete any laboratory assignments. It is your responsibility to submit the work and/or complete the laboratory assignment by the assigned deadline. If you know you are going to be absent, it is your responsibility to inform me and acquire the work to be assigned in your absence, complete the work, and submit the work by the assigned deadline. It is your responsibility to complete any laboratory assignments missed during the absence within the assigned deadline.
  10. There are no free days in this class. I expect no less from you than I am willing to provide. I work everyday and I expect you to work everyday. When you observe me sitting at my desk with my feet up, relaxing, feel free to follow my lead and take the day off. Otherwise, I expect you to be working. If you don't have enough to do, I can find something for you to do. If I see that you are not working, be prepared to call your parents, either at home or at work, and you can explain to them the reason you choose not to work. You have my permission to invite them to attend school with you so that they can observe just how hard it is you choose to work.
  11. Most importantly, if you are in need of help or an explanation, I want to know. There is no good excuse for not asking for help!

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