Watch Ms. Twu if you get a chance: Modern Physics

We will cover the photoelectric effect, Compton scattering, and the DeBroglie wavelength in [[#|class]], but will not get to most of the nuclear material.

From the [[#|Notes]] & [[#|PowerPoints]] page, I have several PowerPoints which address the subject:
Activities and Half-Lives.ppt
Nuclear Binding Energy.ppt
Nuclear Stability and Radioactivity.ppt
Nuclear Reactions.ppt
Nuclear Fission.ppt
Nuclear Atom and Atomic Spectra.ppt
Nuclear Atom and Atomic Spectra.ppt

Attached is a file that contains notes and [[#|textbook]] problems and old AP problems for you to [[#|work]]. If you [[#|download]] this, let me know because you will need a copy of the chapters to do the reading. I will run a copy of those chapters for you.

Atomic Independent Study

Atomic Models notes

Modern Physics (a test)

Here is a Bohr Worksheet that you may find useful as well.